Mindz Premium Human Resource Management Software

What is Human Resource Management Software

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a software or an online solution, which help you to keep track of various HR elements of your business with efficiency and low cost. HRMS is useful for small, medium or all types of organizations. Human resource management system (HRMS) has evolved over the time and is no longer a stand alone software, with cloud based technology there is a huge versatility and longer reach to fulfill all your human resource management needs.

Why do we need Human Resource Management Software?

Now the question comes, why do we need human resource management system or how is it going to help my organisation. So following are the advantages of advantages of human resource management software:

  • Efficient HR process
  • To keep your data safe and secure
  • File Management
  • To speed up HR operations
  • Training improvisation
  • Better communication
  • Go Paperless
  • and many more…

Features of Mindz Human Resource Management Software (HRMS):

Following are the key features and modules that we cater to, these modules can be customized as per the requirement of our clients:

Core & Human Resource Management

Create hierarchies, Collate information or reporting charts, it provides you a smooth experience from pre to post joining

Recruitment Management

You can create job descriptions, short list candidates, schedule interviews, send email to short listed candidates, create offer letters, upload CVs, create employee IDs, etc.

Attendance Management

Create shifts, attendance, weekly offs, public holidays and overtime. HRMS Integrated with biometric system or login-logout. Manage early going, late coming, absenteeism, manage multiple shifts, etc.

Performance Management System

Define KRAs, create and update detailed employee policy, define tasks and get reviews on performance, create performance improvement plan or generate training list with selected employees or create score cards for individual employee based on performance reports.

Payroll Management

Get the best payroll management experience, generate payslips, deductions like PF or ESI, EMI calculations, manage increments, advance loan or salaries calculation, tax deduction, tax declaration form, generate reports, integrate it with your existing accounting software for a hassle free experience

Cab Management

Manage Cabs in the easiest way with user friendly admin panel, create and update Rosters, vendor details, driver details, arrival timings, billing, managing special issues for cabs, stock management, driver details, trip invoice, etc.

Leave Management

Add public holiday list calendar, define leave policies, online leave request, approving leave, carry forwarding, lapsing leaves, auto-encashment and generating leave reports, export/imports can be managed in just one single click

Employee Self Service

With Unique ID and Password, employees can manage and update their own records (educational qualification, marital status, address, emergency contacts), upload documents, request for leaves, apply for reimbursement or get the cab details

Travel Management

Regulate, manage or synchronize travel related activities or expenses of your employees in an effective way. Employees can also get approvals or apply for reimbursement from their respective employee logins

Expense Management

Now categorize expenses on the basis of different categories. Track email invoices, review, or customize it, create automated printable reports in pdf or CSV formats

File Management

Cut your expenses by going paperless as you can easily manage and store documents related to employee’s joining, exit, scanned files, letters, and all the other policy related documents in one single place

Go Social

Stay in touch and be updated with all the company updates and news, start a discussion with internal chats or get reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Looking for the best Human Resource Management Software for your business?? Request a free Demo @ +91-9711887604 or e-mail: sales@mindztechnology.com


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